Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I wanna be the interwebz when I grow up

I wanna be the interwebz when I grow up.  Not the seedy part. Nor the sole sponsor and founder of cyberbullying.  After all, #kindnessmatters.  No, I want to be the giver of helpful information, to have others flock to me because they want to learn something new, specifically in education.  Seekers may not even know what they don't know, but I would see what they've searched before and decipher their needs internally, spewing out a specially designed list of options and opportunities.  They'd look at my lit screen and say, "Oh! That's how they do that!"  My desires are not to be an adviser, making judgment calls or looking down my network nose, but offering choices and disseminating what might be confusing before my user even knows it themselves.

Fame and fortune are not on the to do list of my desires.  I truly wouldn't give a gig if no one ever knew my name, just as long as they'd know how to find me when they needed me.  Peck a few keys on a keyboard and, boom, questions asked and answered, and you can get back to the things that don't just virtually matter.  But for real.

As long as I'm here, I'd also spin a cyberweb of clever lines and funny phrases to make people laugh, make them think.  If the interwebz didn't have a playground, who would want to visit?   Remember, robots aren't known for their frivolity.  Who'd really want to spend much time alone with them?  (Reader: Insert Spock mental picture here.)  When I grow up to be the interwebz, I'll make people lightly giggle or even guffaw a minimum of 3 times a day, except in the fall when the time changes and the days are shorter and I become the sad internet.  Then it's every web for himself.  #semicolonedu #thestruggleisreal   

Finally, my business motto would be "No Educator is an Island."  My users would zoom around on my information highway, waving "hey" to the other drivers in their personal, yet global villages.  I would create frequent pit stops and host the most road weary warriors to make connections with each other over goodness knows what or who, let them vent, and send them out to win again.

I wanna be the interwebz when I grow up  I just want to be able to make an impact, of crater magnitude.  For the greater good.